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Steadycombatengineers's gameplay for Football Superstars (PC)

Steadycombatengineers played Football Superstars

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Steadycombatengineers said...
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Played in the afternoon xfire commuinty event. The population of this game concerns me, because it is always low, fun game,
Football Superstars

Football Superstars (PC)

Release Date:
97 minutes
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I'm guessing its low because people are having the same problem as me. I can't get the game to load because I either don't meet the graphic requirements (which are kind of high for a game like this) or the game uses some kind of new function that most graphic cards don't have. Either way alot of people aren't going to get a chance to play it. Too bad because I was looking forward to it.
I hope they sort it out. I like the game. I logged in on Thursday during the XFire event, hoping to find more players. It seems to be busy during the afternoon, CST, because I think most of the players are from Europe. If you every get in, let me know, can try to team up.
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